Timeless Love of Heart and Bone

Saying “I love you” is a momentary exercise. It lasts only a bit longer than the breath on which it is uttered. It is a phrase loaded with significance yet ridiculously temporary. But the sign of its passing lingers – a gentle touch, a light perfume, the round curve of an arm, a knee, a neck. Yet even these change.

Imperceptibly, the grains of our experience dance in the wind, forming new patterns while remaining unmoved.She and I walked on this beach. We held hands and let the slow tide moisten the tops of our feet. Our children ran back and forth, stopping only to collect shells and oddly shaped driftwood. We sat for a while as the sun set and savored the warmth of our closeness against the evening breeze.

It was just a quick stop, a break before our journey continued. We had traveled this far and needed a simple rest. This moment arrived. One day, perhaps, we will remember it together. From somewhere deep in our blood, a stone of memory will bathe in all of our joys, our longings, our dreams and accomplishments. On that sand, impervious to the shifting of water and the weathering of time, there will remain the mark of our love. It will stand there stripped bare of all pretenses, brilliant like bone.


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