It’s been thirteen weeks since I began this writing experiment – 52 expressions in 52 words per week.  I thought it would be a way to keep myself in a creative mode while the other pressures of life demanded my attention.  Crafting 52 words a week couldn’t be that hard, could it?  Maybe I should have asked that question first.

Part of the problem is that there is far less room to build a tale when the words have been reduced.  It’s difficult to pack a punch when the limit of phrases is reached and the characters have barely been introduced.  The great satisfaction comes, however, in producing a small piece of narrative that captures a moment or reveals a fuller lifetime of story.  It has also been rewarding to generate an artistic complement to almost each entry.  Taking raw images that I have collected over time and reinventing them for this project, I have found miniature inspirations that keep my spirit lifted.

So, today I am celebrating thirteen posts in the 52Words 52Weeks project.  Spurred on by the Postaweek2011 prompts from WordPress (see how you can sign up), I am looking forward to this year of creativity.  Looking back, here are the three most popular stories so far (over 52 views): Mourning, Knockout, and Corners.  Please enjoy (a second or third time, if you like) and come back every week for more.


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