I was cleaning out my basement the other day. And when I say cleaning, of course I mean taking everything out of its current hole and plugging it in somewhere else. I’ve heard that’s what artists do.

This time, however, I actually managed to eliminate waste (sounds like I was a toddler with no fiber, huh?). I scrapped several old journals with nothing but architecture and interior design clippings. I needed more space, the use of which I studied for years (but you would never know, judging from my clutter). I flicked all my unusable BIC’s, Sharpie’s, and Hi-liters. I even folded all my empty folders – old paper, plastic-coated, binder-tabbed folders turning damp and spongy with mildew (it is a little moist down there).

I still have quite a bit of work to do recycling cassettes (nobody listens to slow jams anymore do they?), tossing AC adapters to long-lost devices, and sorting dried up tubes of paint. I will be taking my time, though, in the hopes of uncovering pieces you see here. There not much to speak of but I do fondly remember the times in which they were produced. As I find more, maybe I’ll share.


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