The year began with a run – a simple one mile jog in the freezing night.  I had made a kind of resolution to run at least one mile each week until I had run the length of a marathon.  It was my way of committing to the distance without the anticipated pain.  On the plus, if it was a satisfying experience, I could treat it as training for a future event. Thus was born, “The Minithon”!!

The only problem was the bitter bone chill of the winter and the dismal absence of sunlight draining my enthusiasm.  I made about four runs then had to wait for a thaw.  Which finally arrived this past Saturday.  The morning was crisp and bright and beckoning my return.  In my exuberance (or sheer stubborn idiocy), I pounded out close to four miles.  Seasoned runners will tell you (as if you didn’t already know) that this was a bad idea.  My legs echoed the sentiment all through Sunday as my knee and calf protested with each step.

Lesson learned.  So I rest…until next week.

I will run until I’m done.


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