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Today is my true love’s birthday. Although I pride myself of the abundance of my language, words fail me as I try to describe all that she means to me.  Over the years, I have written poems of varied length in an effort to express my feelings (many of which are unsuitable for posting for a number a reasons). I have compiled CDs, drawn pictures, and purchased any number of clothes, jewelry, and other gifts.  Today, will be the first time that I proclaim my love and celebrate her day for all the world (or at least the handful of readers who happen to find this page).

My dearest, I wish you absolutely the very best for this year and the many more I hope to share with you.  Your gaze is ever forward and you see so much out there.  My future would be a hopeless haze without your clarity. You remain a radiant beacon guiding my return from every journey, a glorious song to fill my heart, a simple joy to lift my spirit.  So, for this year of loving life and meeting each and every challenge, I celebrate you – your strength, your peace, your happiness, and your brilliance.  I love you.  Happy Birthday!


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