Usually, I don’t make much commentary on my own work.  I prefer to let the stories and images speak for themselves.  I do want to express, however, a kind of regret for an artistic neglect this year.  You see, I began with an idea that I could write 52 stories (one per week) at the restrictive length of 52 words. I was also interested in producing a simple artwork to accompany the written piece.  I was successful for awhile but could not keep that creative pace.

I also found myself publishing a few random drawings and such each week.  These Sketch posts were intended as another outlet through which I could channel some artistic energy.  Sometimes they were generated that week.  Other times, I dug into a few old folders and sketchbooks for material.

For today’s post, I am aiming for two birds with the same stone.  I took a sketch I created and added some new color to it.  I modeled the style after Roy Lichtenstein and his comic pop-art sensibility.  I then updated the story for which it was drawn – Knockout – so it would be attached as a featured image.

In the future, as I create more art specifically for stories, I will post the process of the piece.  For now, here are the original and the updated images.  Maybe, this picture adds some of the thousand words my initial 52 couldn’t accomplish (or not…you tell me).

The original line drawing.

The "Lichtenstein" version (with my apologies to the artist).


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