It has been a good long while since I ran with any regularity.  I started the new year pledging to run once a week.  I did not overcome, however, the initial cold of the winter and the exhaustion of work in the spring.  Aside from a few bursts of resolve, the summer proceeded without a sweat as well.

Now, the school year has begun.  The kids are back in school.  I have managed to awake at 4 (or close to it) in the morning.  I have also partially trained myself to prepare everything for the next day – the clothes, everyone’s lunch packed in tins, etc.  This is important because, now, I have the time to meet the brisk morning air with the challenge to defy me.

I have done four runs within the last week — a four mile start, two mile-long ‘sprints’, and a six mile stretch that my wife insisted upon.  She wants to run a marathon together so I have to keep adding the distance.  I wouldn’t know.  She gets all the magazines.  I’m just out there kicking the concrete and having a great time.

So, it’s getting serious.  Those two sprints just rekindled my motivation.  Driven pounding of the pavement before the sun comes up – I am starting to live for those moments.  By next week, I hope I can keep pushing forward.  Maybe you’ve got a goal like this.  Maybe you can take the first run at one small piece, one microsection.  Maybe I’lll see you out there ‘on the course’.


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  1. This definitely answered my downside, thanks!

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