So, you remember that feeling?  You know, the one that said, “You can run forever.”  When you were high on euphoria and the ache hadn’t yet settled in, you believed the road could stretch out endlessly and you would keep on moving. Then, you realized, you were the one needing a stretch.

I was swamped this week.  In addition to work meetings and such, I had a number of family obligations that demanded my time.  I also joined a tennis team and squeezed in a practice session with them.  All of this is to say, I couldn’t quite get a run until the weekend.  I managed 5.75 miles in 59:35.  It’s slower than my last but a bit longer also. Believe me, I felt it.

Sore from bouncing all around a tennis court, I thought I would barely make three miles.  I did make a commitment to a future marathon, though, and I intend to fulfill that.  I changed up my route a bit on the second leg and tuned into the music.  And, I remembered to smile.  Being happy actually smoothed out my stride.  There are far greater aspects of life about which to worry.  Having the energy, health, and will to run is certainly not among the anxieties of my world.  Despite a dull ache (which subsided by mile 4 or 5), I pulled in a complete finish.  Hopefully, I can push through until the weather chills and get up a few more miles…

I will run ’til I’m done.


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