There seem to be few opportunities for engage in an actual conversation about how to improve the educational quality our children receive.  There is a national public discourse dominated by assigning blame. Assertions of problems are numerous. The parents are negligent or uniformed. The government isn’t spending enough but demanding too much. While the teachers are overpaid and underqualified, the students are unmotivated and undisciplined.

With all of these issues to confront, it is gratifying to see local initiatives emerge as possible solutions.  Organizations are growing fora to air the concerns and build toward real change.  Here in the Chicago area, The Chicago Education Allies are hosting the “We The People Tour” this October 15th from 9:45 to 3:00.  from their flyer:

The We the People Tour seeks to inspire local communities to get a conversation moving among and across stakeholder groups in today’s educational landscape, prioritizing the voices of students, parents and teachers in helping to initiate a national dialogue about high quality education as a Constitutional right. Using a variety of educational and social events, the Tour promotes local activism around quality education for every child.

We all know this is a worthwhile interaction and I urge you to register then visit the event.


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