Sitting for hours in the classroom was easily draining Trent; all of his waning energy was channeled into maintaining a facade of wakefulness.  The low hum of the air conditioning was like a lullaby.  The sound mixed with the teachers droning voice to numb his senses. Yet, there was something else that was troubling the young man.

He had been sitting there for hours.  Trent’s throat was getting tighter – not so much that breathing was difficult, but scratchy and dry.  He could feel the mucus forming to protect him from irritation.  Drinking water didn’t seem to help.  It felt as if the moisture evaporated as it trickled past his tongue.

The lecture continued as did Trent’s aches and pain.  Heat was building in his muscles, leaking from his skin.  He had been sitting there for hours, breathing in some ill vapor, trembling with growing fever. His head was getting heavy and his thoughts swirled with confusion.  “It could be the teaching, or the room itself,” he thought, “but something in here is making me sick.”


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