This is my third attempt to be grateful to the world and everyone I encounter in it.

Giving For Its Own Sake

With times being so hard lately, there seem to be more people out on the streets.  I recently spoke with a woman carrying a sign that said, “Not Homeless but Need Help.”  I was in my car but wanted to know exactly what she was hoping for.  Her reply was one that I had not heard before.  She said, “A job, something to do, anything.”  I had to drive off – the light had just changed and plenty of rush hour commuters were insisting on movement.  But I couldn’t figure out how, if at all, I could support her pursuit.

In this frame of mind, I was gratified when my daughter suggested we pack lunch bags with food for anybody who might be hungry.  Often, requests for money leave me conflicted – will that donation really be put to good use? I have attempted to give away recently purchased fast food and been rejected.  So, I was doubtful that this plan would be successful.  Fortunately, three bags have indeed been offered with compassion and accepted with graciousness.  It is the smallest of gestures but I pray that it matters (and I will also look to these advocacy groups for other ways to have an impact).

Worthwhile Work

I spent much of my last week fighting off a serious cough.  It was a rare occasion for me to take a string of days off.  I had time to reflect (bed rest will provide that time) on what my work really means to me.  I concluded that all of the various ups, downs, ins, and outs are part of a great learning process.  I get to spend my days witnessing and supporting the education of young and adult minds.  It is an extremely powerful experience to question and consider what is truly important to know and understand, both academically and personally.  I helps that I have people around me who are fully invested in the process, who challenge my conventions and invite my conviction.

The Play’s the Thing

After the work week I’ve had and looking forward to my anticipated wellness, it is definitely time for play.  I am eager to get back on the running road.  It’s been two weeks since I posted the last segment of my minithon.  I have pledged to “run until I’m done” – I intend to run a marathon and complete a triathlon within the next five years. So while the weather has remained pleasant enough, I would like to get out there training once again.  I am so happy to be active in my life after a very long spell of sporadic sit-ups and other random acts of fitness.

Bonus Gratitude: 100 Posts!

This is actually my 101st post and I am thrilled that even my tiny audience is here to enjoy the progress I have made. If you are a new visitor (or just want to take a trip down memory lane), the number links below will take you to some of the more popular posts.  This blog is still evolving and I appreciate everyone who has taken time to comment or shared this site with someone else.

1    2    3    4    5     6    7    8     9    10

Thanks for reading.


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