I am always thankful (but I did almost forget to post about it). I continue to find so much to be grateful for.


Friends Like These

Sometimes, I just have to appreciate the close connection I have with my brothers in spirit.  I have known them now for over two decades.  We went to school together, have witnessed marriages, and celebrated births of children.  A few are recognized nationally in their fields of expertise and all are working toward positive futures.  I am energized by even the shortest of conversations, no matter the distance in time and space.


Tell Me Another One

I love stories.  Since early in my childhood, when I learned to read my first books, I have always been eager to explore the new worlds bound within their pages.  As I have grown older, I marvel at how timeless the narratives truly are.  The mythologies of fairy tales, epic legends, urban folklore, and science fictions are all intertwined in my mind like a kind of braided tapestry woven with Möebius strips.  I thoroughly enjoy the retelling of old tales in new ways.  So, I look forward to the potential of television shows like Grimm and Once Upon A Time.  I can only hope they retain some of their original magic.


Food for Thought

This past Halloween and Dia de Los Muertos gave me brief but rewarding moments to connect with my daughters.  For the first, we took several hours to carve pumpkins.  We weren’t entirely successful but the process meant so much to me.  As I stood there, I was fascinated by their increasing independence (they carved on their own) and their evident joy in creation.  The next night, we baked cookies for the girls to share at school for the Day of the Dead.  It was another opportunity for me to stand back and be proud.  Aside from removing the hot pan from the oven, everything was out of my hands.  It was wonderful to see.


Building relationships and making our own stories…I couldn’t ask for more.

Thanks for reading.



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