Monday will mark my 13th anniversary of marriage to my lovely wife.  To celebrate a bit early, I am dedicating this week’s message of thanks to her.


In Sickness and in health…

Through your aches and pains, both minor and major, you stand tall and strong and carry on.  Though the girls and I may fall prey too slight symptoms, you resist any infection; you persist in all that you do.  With your own will and fortitude, you inspire me to pick up the racquet or hit the road, running.  Together, we have endured all illnesses, we have done good, we remain well.


For richer or poorer…

Our wealth is magnified by making our needs few.  As financial tides have swelled and receded, your keen intellect and frugal sensibility have guided us to modest prosperity.  We have no bounty of material things, but we are blessed with abundant spirit, overflowing joy, and wonderful happiness.  As we embark on new ventures and creative enterprises, I know we will find satisfaction well into our golden years.


To have and to hold…

Beauty is in the eye of the beholder.  Yet, I could go blind for the beauty I see in you.  In each and every moment that I witness your love, there is a divine truth illuminating the world around you.  Even in the dim and quiet, as we are passing into dreams, your bright eyes glow with laughter and a life well lived. I am graced in your presence and thank all powers of creation that I get to share my existence with you.


For these three, and so many other things, I thank you.


In case that’s not enough, here are three past posts about how I cherish you.




Thanks for reading.


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