Whew. What a Thanksgiving!  I was so wiped out by the time it was all done, I fell asleep at 7pm. I forgot to post my three thanks.


On the run

The hills were alive with the sounds of pounding feet.  Surrounded by runners of all shapes, sizes, and ages – I threw on the headphones and attacked the Turkey Trot. Until this day, I had mostly trained on flat roads with a few inclines.  I’ve definitely learned to see the course before tackling a new run.  It seemed as if there was a hill to climb every quarter-mile. It may have been even more frequently than that.

Despite sickness and darkness hindering my training, I was energized by my fellow trotters.  As long as I could keep pace with that old man, yeah, that one right there with the wool hat and the beat up sweats, I knew I’d do fine.  I tried to use my RunKeeper app to track my progress but my signal was too weak.  My anxiety about pace was relieved at every mile marker.  I reached the third mile of 3.1 total at 27 minutes.  Since I was aiming for a nine minute pace, I found the energy to sprint that last tenth.  I’m grateful for a much better finish than my first Turkey Trot.


Read into this

I do not have many readers of this blog.  To be exact, I have six subscribers who I know receive email updates.  I have managed, with the addition of random spam and search engine views, to nearly reach my goal of 2,704 views by the end of the year.  When I started writing for this blog this year, it began with the 52Words 52Weeks project.  My viewing goal is the product of multiplying 52 by 52.  I am currently 70 or so views away.  So, this bit of gratitude also comes with a request.  Convince someone you know to read and even subscribe to the blog, someone who might actually appreciate the stories I’m sharing.  I thank you in advance.


Fun for all

Of course, no Thanksgiving is complete in sentiment or reality without the presence of loved ones.  Be they family or friends, in the flesh or fond remembrance, our hearts are both lightened and filled in the company of those we hold dear.  I spent the evening with family of in-laws, nieces and nephew, delicious food, and great humor.  Today, I will spend the mid-morning with my parents and grandmother celebrating life and love and one more day closer to a Chicago Bears victory (we hope).

I also received a number of messages from distant friends and family via phone, text, or Twitter that truly made my day.  It is always a blessing to know that people whose lives you’ve touched are out there healthy and happy and continuing to do the same for you.  I am thankful that I have these remarkable souls in my life and wish nothing less for everyone else out there.


I’ve really been glad to share these missives of gratitude each week.  It is right to give thanks.  I am sure that I will have no problem extending them into the rest of the year.


As always,

Thanks for reading.


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