As I have stated in previous posts, I started this minithon to give myself a bit of motivation.  I figured running once a week would be easy enough, especially such a short distance as a single mile per outing.  Then, I actually started to like running.  I changed the goal to competing in each of the following distances (5k, 8k, 12k, 16k, 21K or half-marathon, and 42k or marathon).  I ran the 5k (Beverly Ridge Run) several years ago.  Perhaps, I will run another one keep it within this goal cycle.  I have also run an 8k Turkey Trot, twice (my time below).

I’m still smiling after this run so the minthon continues…

I’ll Run ‘Til I’m Done!



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  1. […] feels like a good long while since I ran the Turkey Trot.  I’ve put in no run time since then but did play some tennis (got smoked in my doubles […]

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