It feels like a good long while since I ran the Turkey Trot.  I’ve put in no run time since then but did play some tennis (got smoked in my doubles match).  So, this morning, with the temperature in the high teens, I jumped out and ran a quick 2-ish miles. Make no mistake, the brisk morning air, a full moon sinking to my west, bands of pink and orange blazing on my east – it was a wonderful start to the day. But it was bone-chilling.  My fingertips will never forgive me. That said, I am glad to be back on the run again.  I get such a thrilling sensation of life, inspiration with every breath.  My mind clears and I can appreciate all the blessings I have in my life – family, friends, work and play.

Now, I don’t need a race to motivate me.  The events are nice.  You meet interesting people, bring home a bag or a jacket, and donate to a cause you find meaningful.  There are an assortment of distances, sponsors, and holiday themes. Today, I missed a chance at the Rudolph Ramble.  That just means I need to carry the course in my head and heart. I will have to get out there and beat the cold, the heat, the mud – all on my own.  As a recent post by endurancegal reminds me, I am slowly becoming a runner.

I’lll run ’til I’m done.

Keep on..


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