This year has been an incredible journey for me, expressing myself in various ways through this blog. I started out with a simple project of 52 Word stories (one per week).  It was an exercise in regular writing that I wasn’t even sure I could maintain. Now, as the year nears closing, I am posting more frequently though still chasing regularity. I tried posting a Sketch every Saturday or an update on my minithon each Monday.  But I lose steam.  To celebrate Thanksgiving, I started writing messages of gratitude every Thursday. That lasted for a while but I couldn’t quite find the words. I am still very grateful for people and phenomena I encounter in the world.  I realize, however, that I want to explore my thanks in a different way moving forward.

Part of the reason I started this blog in the first place was to make a connection with people.  I wasn’t really hoping to make new friends or anything like that.  I do want to share some thread that weaves our lives together.  We don’t ever have to meet, speak, otherwise interact.  Except…we do these things though the interests and expressions that we transmit into the universe. So, for as regularly as I can, I am going to seek out the assorted delightful and twisted, joyous and painful, rich and complex demonstrations of life on this world as I see it.  Each week, I will offer three for your viewing and commentary.

1. Something a week.  This blog is exactly what its title advertises. Author Kyle Hepworth literally does one thing a week and lets us all know about it.  I am trying to match at least this level of commitment. High aims, I know.

2. Trunk Magazine. For those who are inspired by the moment when a long forgotten item suddenly turns up beneath a lifetime of odds and ends – this magazine collects the genuine sights and stories that remind us, “the world is a fine place.”

3. Table Fifty-Two. Looking for a cozy corner to connect with a loved one over comfort cuisine?  Make your way to this Chicago restaurant.  We celebrated Thanksgiving and 13 years of marriage there.  I’m no foodie but the low light and a wonderful presentation of Pistachio Crusted Chicken was worth the visit.


Next week: A run, a rhyme, a ruse.

Thanks for reading.


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