20120101-222443.jpgWhat shall I do with this time on my hands?

20120101-222509.jpgPerhaps, I can find some ideas here and there.

20120101-222540.jpgWhat expression can truly capture who I am?

20120101-222707.jpgMaybe, the pieces will fall into place.

20120101-222812.jpgCan I do this each day?

20120101-222947.jpgRandomness will have to suffice.

20120101-223609.jpgIs there a purpose?

20120101-223742.jpgWho can tell?

20120101-223835.jpgI know!



It is the New Year!  2012 – the year of the apocalypse or just the dying of our old selves?  Could it be that we all stand ready to embark on expeditions beyond expectations?  It is easy to predict that the world will end.  It is yet another task (more rewarding, I think) to bring a new world to life.  Or perhaps, it is the process of bringing one’s new life to the world that is most satisfying.

And so, we resolve to engage in acts of determination. We hold our selves accountable to a standard worth bearing.  And lest we find our spirits wanting…we choose goals we actually believe we can accomplish.  I’m not sure if I have any of those and the aims of my conviction will remain private for now (I saw somewhere that revealing one’s aspirations too soon can derail their realization).  I will indeed take up the challenge of posting on a daily basis, however.  Project 365 has given me inspiration.  I don’t know what form these posts will take.  I haven’t got a theme, collection of experiences, or even a catchy name.  But, I am certain that each entry will reflect my world as I see it.  I do hope you’ll join me (bring some friends if you like) as begin this new journal.

***Numbers were drawn on iPhone using Autodesk‘s SketchBookX app.


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