I have not been to the movies in a very long time.  At least, it feels that way because I can not remember the last time I sat in a theater.  I’ve watched plenty of films on DVD or streaming on my computer.  I just haven’t found any movie compelling me to spend the money.  Of course, it’s not the ticket price alone; popcorn, slushy drinks, and candy are essential (though unhealthy) especially when I’ve got my daughters with me. So, I am particularly torn in my anticipation of two films arriving later this year: Peter Jackson’s take on The Hobbit and Pixar’s Brave.

Adventures in a fantastic realm

I grew up reading the illustrated version of The Hobbit.  Bilbo Baggins and his adventures were a thrill and beautifully visualized in that book.  I fondly recall the animated translation as well.  After seeing the Lord of the Rings trilogy, I am more than confident thie new take will capture the imaginative flair that Tolkien intended.  I am eager to share this experience with my daughters.

Adventures of a courageous girl

I also think that they will appreciate the curiosity, confusion, and courage portrayed by Merida, the protagonist of Brave.  She will possibly represent a next step in the evolution of female heroes in the Disney Princess Pantheon.  There is no evidence in what I seen so far that she will face her dilemmas without any special reliance on a male counterpart; her own wits, skills, and daring will have to suffice.

I suppose I will have to break my unofficial streak of absence from the cinema.  The movies are magical.  I loved these kinds of adventures when I was younger and their wonder is best enjoyed while sitting in the dark awash in giant-sized light and story.  Now that I have found films worth the cost, I only have to wait six months for one and the entire year for the other.  A lot of time to use Netflix.

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  1. I want to see ‘The Hobbit’ badly! Having to wait till the end of the year sucks but I believe Peter Jackson’s movies are well worth the wait, time watching at the theater and cost of everything that goes with going to the theater. Thanks for sharing! 🙂

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