I don’t believe I’ve ever felt a year go by as quickly as this past one.  Particularly from a blogging standpoint, I wasn’t even sure I could manage a post each week.  The one constant I had was the 52Words 52Weeks experiment I created for myself.  Trying to shape some kind of story or personal observation in just 52 words was a challenge.  The fact that I was able to do so every week is an accomplishment that makes me proud.

According to my WordPress annual report, the 5 most viewed posts were stories from this project early in 2011.  They are indeed a handful of favorites.  You may not have taken the opportunity to view the others as they arrived so I am pulling them all together on a page of their own (or rather their titles with links to the original entries).  If you like these (Mourning, Knockout, Corners, Strength, Quest), perhaps the others will find you interested as well.

In addition, next week, I will begin a new round of the 52Words 52Weeks experience.  I am going to constrain (or liberate depending on viewpoint) the expressions with a theme.  Last year had a random assortment of ideas and characters.  In 2012, I am going to focus on words of wisdom.  I won’t say to much more about that…you’ll just have to come back and take a look.

In the meantime, check out any of the 52Words 52Weeks offerings from 2011.


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  2. silverlining09 says:

    Great! looking forward for your 52words/52 week challenge. More power on your blogging!

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