The Daily Post at WordPress has a weekly photo challenge.  Over the last year, I have found the prompts interesting and worth pursuing.  I did not take the opportunity, however, to actually take any pictures.  I don’t have the greatest confidence in my photographic excellence, so when I lost my Photoshop license, my motivation for camera use severely diminished.

Maybe it is a bit of the ego involved but the challenge from a few weeks ago (Self-Portrait) got me sparked. The rules were pretty straight-forward – submit a photo in any format to match the challenge title.  There was not limit nor a restriction on how much of an original photo the final piece had to include.  While I do have many pictures of myself (taken by me or others), they are all pretty standard fare with little narrative or aesthetic value. For the challenge, I wanted to enter something that might be more dramatic.  I wanted to create something that might inspire a story in the future.

I received a Photoshop license for Christmas and although I had missed the challenge deadline, I managed to produce an image I liked. All the news about Mars exploration influenced this layering of southwestern landscapes, my own portrait, and color adjustments.

View Over Mars

I also rummaged through photo experiments I generated for this blog.  I found one that I used for the 52Words 52Weeks story Shadows.

Dark Fears

What do you think (comment below)?  Another challenge has popped up for next week (Launch). I’d like to try something but work starts again Monday.  Maybe, that’s just an excuse.  I will definitely review the past challenges and at least attempt to find a photo I can use.  If I keep at it, I could possibly catch up with everyone else.  Wish me luck.


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  1. mamateamo says:

    Interesting. What is the first one trying to represent?

    • Ty says:

      With all the talk about exploring Mars, I wanted to depict what it might be like to see it with our own eyes rather than through the lens of a robot. I am also curious about what expanding our civilization to a new planet would entail. Would we make the planet like us or the reverse?

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