I don’t suppose it is enough that gas prices are so high.  I also find myself compelled to purchase gas with five and zero cents or palindromic totals such as the one below.  It is an odd sort of attention I have for patterns such as these. I suspect, however, it is a far more common trait than people have shared with me.  In fact, I’d be willing to bet you have noticed that morning you awoke at 4:44 or the caller id reading 555-3232.  Maybe, you see your initials on a license plate occasionally or the digits of your birth year in your computer’s serial number.

Perhaps, these synchronous observations signify a great cosmic convergence of pattern and awareness.  It could be that you suffer from an acute sense of meaning and frame the strange and coincidental as fitting an order only you can describe. If no one believes you, that is but a small price to pay.



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  1. mamateamo says:

    I like this. Very interesting stuff here.

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