I have always been a big fan of children’s literature.  When I was much younger, tales of fantasy and mythology captured my attention like no other medium could.  The medium and the moral message deeply connected me to a timeless story.  As I posted earlier this year, I have been really trying to extend this connection to my daughters.  Oddly enough, I find that the stories I read to them are also stories I enjoy on my own.


I read a number of books for professional purposes as well as material about my varied interests – design, urban planning, etc.  I am still drawn, however, to the simple yet complex realm of fables and fairy tales.  These archetypical narratives are direct and subtle, explicit yet open for interpretation.  They prove enduring in the retelling and adaptation we see across all media.


With that in mind, I attempted to compose a few classic tales within the span of Twitter‘s 140 character limit.  The constraint was a fairly taxing enterprise but it was worth the experience.


1. Through the woods in red-to sit beside grandma’s bed-what big teeth she said-for help she fled-ax man killed that wolf dead.


2. Twins wrong turned-for candy yearned-sweet lady spurned-true identity learned-freedom earned-witch was burned.


3. Ruses were his fame-by trick, young girl he claimed-spun gold upon her frame-escaped a wicked game-by guessing his true name.


If you have any ideas for other tales to transcribe in this manner, let me know.  Or even better, write one yourself. I’d love to read it.



* I will produce 365 posts this year, even if I have to fill some in retroactively.


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