52Words 52Weeks


52 word stories over the course of 52 weeks

Volume 1:

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One: Quest
Two: Passed
Three: Strength
Four: Corners
Five: Shadows
Six: Pistols
Seven: Mourning
Eight: Enough
Nine: Amused

Eleven: Towers
Twelve: Moment
Thirteen: Baked
Fourteen: Coupled
Fifteen: Heredity
Sixteen: Sweet
Seventeen: Idol
Eighteen: Wheels
Nineteen: Revolution
Twenty: Revision
Twenty-one: Hit
Twenty-two: Double
Twenty-three: Chromosome
Twenty-four: Belonging
Twenty-five: Quarters
Twenty-six: Medium
Twenty-seven: Switch
Twenty-eight: Weak
Twenty-nine: Leap
Thirty: Daze
Thirty-one: Scoop
Thirty-two: Crazy
Thirty-three: Single
Thirty-four: Down
Thirty-five: Clean
Thirty-six: Fidelity
Thirty-seven: Infested
Thirty-eight: Special
Thirty-nine: Belligerent
Forty: Deferred
Forty-one: Assumption
Forty-two: Wax
Forty-three: Retrospect
Forty-four: Split
Forty-five: Elevated
Forty-six: Rush
Forty-seven: Sensible
Forty-eight: Frozen
Forty-nine: Gold
Fifty: United
Fifty-one: Stack
Fifty-two: Scramble
Bonus: Question

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